Monday, January 16, 2012

Putting Authoritarianism before Democracy

By Jim Osborne
Anti-racism is anti-white, whichever way you cut it. Whether you are ‘tolerating’ sustained mass immigration, or wanting to ban any event which could be construed as ‘pro-white’. Political Correctness says white people must go, and anyone who disagrees isn’t just wrong, but should be marginalized, fined, or even jailed.
It would seem the Independent member for Burnett, Rob Messenger agrees. He has launched an online petition to protest the Hammered Music Festival which is a supposedly neo-Nazi event. i You can see the flyer for the event here, . Rob Messenger and those like him should ask the real questions, What is Racism, What is Neo Nazism? If investigated honestly they would quickly find they are mere labels designed to shut down any expression of appreciation and pride in ones ancestry and heritage. Something available to all people groups, except apparently those of European descent.
What is it about such a festival that stirs people so? The possibility that there may be neo-Nazi’s listening to music? That the ideas expressed might offend the delicate sensitivities of people who would never go anyway? That it might spill into a full blown riot, something which has never happened from similar previous held events. Rob Messenger’s petition may be nothing more that Liberal authoritarianism coming to the fore. Freedom of speech is necessary for functional and progressive society, and there is no impact on others by this event.
The real danger though, as if his proposal wasn’t already against the very fundamental principles that Western society was built on, is the scope of the potential new laws. His petition states “Your petitioners therefore request the House to call on the Premier of Queensland and the Opposition Leader to commit to supporting legislative change that will ensure our state has the toughest laws in Australia which enable the banning and punishment of ‘ Neo Nazis and other race hate proponents’ activities”.
The danger is in the words “other race hate proponents’ activities”. We already know that ANY pro-white speech, or ANY speech which might solely be talking about issues facing Whites in the Western world is often construed as ‘race hate’. We at Nationalist Alternative have to deal with this label, despite the complete and utter lack of any ‘race hate’ sentiment or material. Liberalism doesn’t define ‘race hate’ (for whites) as deliberate incitement of hatred against an identifiable group, but extends this further to include any discussion of racial issues in a non Politically Correct context. We are all aware, that simple saying “Australia is full”, is in itself considered racist, despite the fact it contains no directed hate at anyone. Rob Messenger’s proposal will give Political Correctness strong legal means by which to silence dissent and remove any threats to the current Liberal social experiment that is being undertaken at the expense of the West.
We call on people to discuss this issue, and let others know of the dangers involved. NO ethnic group should face punitive measures for discussing their own well being, survival and continuation. To deliberately deny any group of people the right to preserve their heritage is akin to a directed attack against them and lays the groundwork for genocide. To deny them the speech, language and right to discuss and hold these ideas, is an attack against that group. It is in essence, doing what the ‘ Nazi’s ‘ are accused of doing, in the name of ‘anti-Nazism’.
Anti-racism is anti-white. Mr Messenger may very well be trying to score Politically Correct brownie points by making the necessary visible propitiations to the PC priests and thereby prove himself as ‘progressive’. He may very well not be aware of the ramifications of his proposal, doing this only as brainless political opportunism, but people like us must make others aware of the dangers of this type of thinking and action. It isn’t just music that falls into the sights of such kneejerk reactions, but the rights of us all to speak.
This concert is a fairly insignificant even in the scheme of things. Most Australians would have never heard of it, and its impact on others is negligible. There are quite simply no real consequences to letting these people have their concert, as evidenced by the fact that they have been held before around Australia and nothing has happened as a result. The proposed laws which Mr Messenger is agitating for though, could have real consequences for Citizen rights to speak on issues and concerns that affect their families, nation and our collective future. Mr Messenger’s ideas in our opinion reek of Stalinist authoritarianism and are a dangerous threat to a free progressive society.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The necessity of positive activism and supporting the Sea Shepherd

By Vivian Roberts

A core aim of Nationalist Alternative is to safeguard the heritage and identity of the Australian people and culture within the biodiversity of the entire planet. Our appreciation of diverse life must extend beyond the human species and hence includes the various flora and fauna of this vast continent and nearby oceans. In keeping with this mandate, Nationalist Alternative activists have put together over $250 worth of supplies for the activists of the Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd are a volunteer based organisation that uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.’
This article does not concentrate on other elements of their philosophy but specifically supports the direct action they take in protecting and thereby preserving the various forms of whales and other oceanic life in the southern oceans. Indeed their activism is congruent with one of our stickers – Radical Autonomous Resistance
Why positive Nationalism is necessary
The old paradigms associated with Nationalism reflect an image of fear-mongering and negativity which is perpetuated by the media and other self-serving interests. These outdated portrayals consist of angry individuals, namely white single males from poor socioeconomic backgrounds, who’s single modus operandi is to ‘protest’ or ‘oppose’. Nationalism has been given a bad name, and in some respects it’s well deserved. If Nationalism were personified as a friend, it would quite often be perceived as complaining, negative and dysfunctional. Too often activism performed by Nationalists is seen as contrary or in opposition of something, rather than being supportive and nurturing of the things worthy of respect, admiration and love. In a previous article written by Michael Kennedy, he clearly stated “To love your country, make it more lovable.” The same can be said of Nationalism. To love Nationalism, make it more loveable.
Positivity breeds positivity
Louise Hay, a renowned author, has an underlying philosophy of positive affirmation, where she believes strongly in the metaphysical law of attraction. According to Wikipedia:
The law of attraction is a metaphysical belief that “like attracts like“, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. According to the law of attraction, the phrase “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”. If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as “I do have more money” or “I will have more money”.
For Nationalists, rather than the only form of activism being testosterone fuelled and combative, a positive and supporting form of Nationalist activism is also needed. Changing negative stereotypes is a matter of being unashamedly involved and committed to the community. In each action you take, you are representing what it means to be a Nationalist to the community. Act as though you are the only Nationalist an individual might meet in their lifetime. This means working positively and positively working in a community which not only doesn’t share your values, your beliefs or ideals, but is openly hostile towards you.
Nationalism is paradoxically thought to be about segregation from the community. However, as the law of attraction clearly demonstrates, society will always reflect those who are willing to engage in it. Positive activism will support and cultivate goodwill, which in turn will cultivate and support Nationalism. For this reason, Nationalist Alternative seeks to engage in more regular positive activism, that supports various causes of environmental and social significance.