Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dob in a racist

by Michael Kennedy

The Herald Sun has reported that the The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign encouraging people to report racist acts which would otherwise go unnoticedi. The campaigns main website is at and markets itself as some kind of bug spray that one can use to remove ‘hate’. It lists examples such as a Jewish woman who might be disgusted at swastika’s on the bus stop (it has been known for Jews to put up swastika’s themselves for controversy) or for an Asian who might not speak up due to racist comments on facebook. “Racist acts which would otherwise go unnoticed” is a worrying statement. Where would racist acts go otherwise unnoticed? In private, among friends, away from the masses. This isn’t referring to remarks made in the media, but where one might assume a level of privacy or trust amongst friends and acquaintances. This means intimate gatherings of friends or at home with the family. Indeed, wouldn’t a comment made at the family dinner table be a perfect example of a racist act which would otherwise go unnoticed? Are we to turn against our friends and family, our neighbours and dob them in? This is always a standard practice in totalitarian regimes. Communist Eastern Europe relied on neighbour spying on neighbour. This creates a level of distrust between people, and more so, creates a chilling effect on speech. One might withhold discussion on immigration, or on whether multi-racialism is a demographic problem for whites, on the fear that they might be dobbed in by an eavesdropper, or even someone they know.  This initiative is in essence, asking whites to be anti-racist crusaders on behalf of non-whites.
One such example of “hate” was this report from “Zoe”.
 “There is a white power sticker on a street sign near my supermarket. It’s bothered me for ages – plenty of people from different backgrounds must walk past that every day. But until now I haven’t ever thought to just take it down or cover it up… next time I walk past I’m going to get rid of it!”.
Probably most likely a Church of the Creator sticker, which if my memory serves me correctly, contains no commentary on any other race. Zoe did not mention any racist content, merely disgust that it was ‘white power’. Anti-racism is anti-white, and it is no surprise that brainwashed anti-whites like Zoe react, in a manner reminiscent of Pavlovs dogs to any white self affirmation as ‘racism’. Nationalist Alternative is considered racist, merely for considering that the removal of the white race through multiracial assimilation is an issue which whites should be free to discuss and hold an opinion on.
The Human Rights Commission is an Orwellian term, which unfortunately now is something we all to familiar with. Just as the Ministry of Plenty in the novel Nineteen Eighty Four dealt with rationing, and the Ministry of Love with torture, our Human Rights Commission deals with placing additional limitations on speech and thought, through hate crimes which take away peoples freedom of speech. Leftists may argue that those who oppose such initiatives merely use freedom of speech as an excuse to be racist, but this is far from the truth. Most Australians do not fight for freedom of speech, to enjoy making off the cuff comments against other racists. It is not this petty, unimportant activity which we crusade for. Most Australians who oppose such measures do so because they are aware of the greater threat. They are aware that this is the government encroaching on our personal liberties, the extension of the nanny state into our lives, and the placement of greater power into unaccountable institutions. In short, people resent the government telling them what to do, and how to behave. Adult Australians do not need to be instructed and scolded like children for comments they make, and Australians who are not yet adults, should have their parents do their parenting, not the state.
Racism is very poorly defined, and it really just means whatever one wants it to mean. If Zoe can report “white power” as racist (and those who run the anti hate campaign seem to think so, as they published her comment), then it would very well be that any white person who considers multi-racialism a problem would be racist and subject to punishment, which could be anything from a public apology to prison. Whites wanting to oppose a program which would result in their race being assimilated out, could face punishment, as this is ‘racist’. Anti-racism is indeed anti-white.
It is fortunate though that ‘dobbing’ has always been considered distasteful in Australian culture, and it is also fortunate, that deep down, most Australians would harbour thoughts and feelings which an anti-racist activist would consider punishable. Lets hope that Australians maintain the good sense to actively expose and oppose such initiatives, money wasting jobs for otherwise unemployable professional “activists, just as Nationalist Alternative seek to do.