Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Anti-Jerusalem Declaration

  • Nationalist Alternative
  • Australia First Party
We the above signed declare:
The basis of our political activity is our inviolable commitment to nationalism within the framework of the white Western European civilisation, which sprang from the Holy Roman Empire, founded in Europe, and which now extends across the entire world – from Europe to the new world in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and the former Rhodesia; from the East, West, South and North of Europe.
We declare that, since the time of its founding, the white Western civilisation and Judaism have found themselves in opposition: there are no “Judeo-Christian” values any more than there are “Islamo-Christian” values.
We declare, that, after the overcoming of the totalitarian systems of the 20th century, the white Western people currently faces a new global totalitarian threat: multiracialism.
The core issue we face is the survival of our own race of people, of exposing and ending the program of genocide against Whites by means of mass immigration and assimilation, Liberal ideology and Political Correctness. We affirm the right of Whites to be able to preserve their race within white nations. We recognise that this is the main struggle that we face, and we recognise that we are bound by loyalty to our race and our posterity to secure our own survival and sovereignty.
We reject multiracialism, which leads to whites becoming minorities in their homelands, whites becoming minorities in cities such as Paris, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, London, whites becoming displaced by immigrants from Africa, India, China and the Muslim world.
We reject Zionism, which is a fundamentalist Jewish-political-imperialist creed. The ideology of the State of Israel, and the ideology of the Holocaust – which has become the leading religion of the West, i.e., the one everyone believes in – owe their origin to Judaist, Talmudic and Semitic creeds which historically have been antithetical to the continued interests of white people, white European culture, history, tradition, spirit and religion. Even today, liberal Jewish intellectuals preach the slow culture-death – the down-going of the white man through forced multiracialism and multiculturalism, mass non-white immigration and assimilation which is against the will of the white Western peoples. At the same time, these intellectuals – and the Jewish political leaders and the self-appointed Jewish “community leaders” – strive to keep Jewish traditions intact, the Jewish ethnic group pure, and their State of Israel free of non-Jewish immigrants who come to Israel from the Arab and African world.
Far Right opportunistic, reactionary and populist outfits have sprung up, sometimes within a very short space of time; they have taken the racial crisis which the White peoples of the world are facing, and turned it into an purely ideological and non-racial struggle against Islam. Some of the outfits in question – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (Holland), the Freedom Party of Austria, the Flemish Vlaams Belang Party and the Swedish Democrats – signed a joint statement, the ‘Jerusalem Declaration’, professing their support for pro-Semitism, in Jerusalem in December 2011.
They support Israel and Zionism. But Diaspora Jewish intellectuals and “community leaders” are notorious for using their political power to have Western nationalists smeared, persecuted, fined and imprisoned. The Western nationalist groups who support Israel’s “right to exist” and deplore Islamism while never criticising Judaism – these groups are trying to buy protection from any Jewish blackmailers and persecutors. The aim is to present a happy face to liberal whites: ‘You see, we are friendly with the Jews, please love us’.
The Islamic threat to Western Culture, Traditions and Peoples exists because of Liberalism, because of a policy of multiracialism. We recognise that it is not the Islamic world which is ultimately responsible for the threat of Islamism in the West, but Liberalism which sponsored, and still actively protects, Islam in the west, and enables the Islamisation of urban population centers in Europe and the driving out of whites.
We, the undersigned, accept our rejection from any liberal whites who acquiesce in the slow death of the white Western peoples through mass non-white immigration; we accept our rejection by liberal Jewish intellectuals and “community leaders”; we accept our rejection by the liberal establishment. We reject the idea that the future of the West is somehow tied in any way with Israel. We do not aim to please any of these groups, instead, we strive to do what is right. We are fighting to reclaim the lands of the West and ensure the survival and self-determination of our people. We shall not stop until victory is assured and secured.