Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finn Remington: Musings on Tolerance

Finn Remington:

I read that free market capitalism has supposed to have reduced the need for warfare and conflict in the world. This makes some sense to me. If everyone is willing to be a slave to another, to disregard their own interests and forfeit control over their own domain, then perhaps we can eliminate one of the major causes of conflict, conflict of interest. Conflict of interest does not exist between two parties, where one has given up on, or simply does not have the will to have their own interests.
Imagine a world where people were completely indifferent to whether their race was being pushed out or attacked, as long as they were left alone. Such a world would not have racial conflict, it would be a Leftist utopia. Everything the anti-racist, sorry, excuse me, anti-white, tax payer funded activists would want it to be. In such a world, there would be no far right European political parties, the Europeans would instead just wilfully roll over, allow themselves to become another Muslim clone country and be indifferent to the end of hundreds, of thousands of years of existence, culture and achievement.
Is there violence when a victim surrenders themselves to being robbed? Is it an act of crime, to steal from someone who considers all their possession ill gotten gains, who rejects the notion of private property?
The answer perhaps doesn’t matter. It’s the question that matters, and it’s a question which we need to ask ourselves. On a daily basis, the mainstream media cabal who endlessly push soulless ‘celebrities’, who have a corporate creation where a face should be, occasionally take time out to remind us that we are to work against our interests and adopt an ideology of decadence. An ideology of decadence which comes at a cost they can afford but one were we can’t even manage a deposit.
The better trained media heads say e are to accept smaller and smaller homes, lower working conditions and lower standards of living. It’s good for us. We are to accept greater and greater environmental degradation, both of the natural environment and man made. Degradation of the natural environment in the destruction of the forests, grasslands and clean spaces and loss of unique species of flora and fauna, who have gotten in the way of our ‘reasonable’ demands for progress. Degradation of our man made environment in the removal of uplifting architecture, places of beauty and comfort and public spaces, for profane, inhumanly scaled, Cyclopean, ‘edgy’ symbols of avarice and myopia. It’s good for us, you know. We are to welcome with the coldness of economic rationality the off shoring of jobs and the in-sourcing of immigrants that we didn’t ask for from exotic places. We are to prostitute ourselves to the whims and fancies of talking heads on the TV and radio, but alas even prostitutes sell themselves on their own terms, at their discretion, a luxury we are not afforded.
But we can’t complain, lest we be labelled socialists, misfits, economic illiterates or unionist scum bags. This is progress, towards a future where we have a smaller and smaller place, a smaller and smaller say, towards irrelevance and dispossession. Maybe we’ll eventually be replaced by machines. They make much better workers and consumers. Good for the economy you know, so harden up princess and get to work and get used to it.
But every living creature alive has the same universe ordained right to shape their future. Every living creature, has the same moral right, the same imperative to shape their own future. The shrub which grows along the wall, is just as much a manifestation of an individual form of life establishing its own future, as the stockbroker who’s house it is growing against. Any priority given to one over the other, is merely opinion based on self interest.
George Bernard Shaw said it was the unreasonable man who adapts to the word, whereas it was the unreasonable one who persists in adapting the world to himself. Progress therefore depends on the unreasonable man. The unreasonable man who doesn’t accept, doesn’t tolerate but demands better. So as we are asked to be reasonable and rational, we are being asked to give up the struggle for true progress, progress which shapes our civilisation and our society for our own wants, needs and desires, a future we want to live in, rather than one we must force ourself to tolerate.
So is Nationalist Alternative seeking to be reasonable? Tolerant? Accepting? No! Such exercises are for the ones who want to preserve the status quo, to be seen as reasonable in the eyes of others, to serve the needs of others. I’m in this for myself, our posterity and our future, and if a billionaire is going to slander me as irresponsible, then so be it. If an inner city pseudo intellectual will cast me off as someone who has no place among the sophisticates, then so be it. I have no desire to be seen as responsible to those who wish me to act against my own welfare, nor do I seek to be seen as tolerant of those whom I have no desire to tolerate. Democracy, one man, one vote and the political voice of the struggling men and women on the street is equal to that of the wealthiest CEO’s in the land and equal to that of yours truly. A nations democracy, gives all those in the nation, the same ordained right over their futures. The wage slave who works to pay the rent processing invoices is just as much a political unit as the CEO for whom they work for. Any priority given to one over the other, is merely opinion based on self interest.
So to hell with modern ideals of what ‘reasonable men’ do, to not disrupting the status quo and not making waves. The modern, decent society of debt slavery, white genocide and subservience to those who have better ‘gamed’ the financial system is not worth saving, neither are our media institutions and most of our plutocrats.
There is nothing left, if there was anything at all, to gain from Politically Correct Tolerance, from keeping our economic affairs in the hands of Wall St and Baby Boomer Tycoons, from keeping the consumer confidence index up, from allowing ourselves to be robbed, dispossessed, in allowing more and more of our freedoms be surrendered for the system. There’s no benefit left, if there ever was any, in allowing greater intrusion into our private lives for security. There may have been a time, in the past when it could be believed under the influence of a foggy mind, that surrendering control over our own domain to the man might have been worthwhile, but that illusion is gone now. GFC and GFC Mark II which now approaches has shattered the illusion that allowing the parasitic financial class control over our collective wealth is a good deal. Racial problem in Europe and through the West is destroying the illusion that tolerance to demographic changes forced upon is, might result in a ‘greater good’. The continued incompetence and corruption of our government has destroyed the illusion that giving them greater powers over us, leads to better governance.
As Nietzsche said, “The strongest and most evil spirits have to date advanced mankind the most: they always rekindled the sleeping passions – all orderly arranged society lulls the passions to sleep; they always reawakened the sense of comparison, of contradiction, of delight in the new, the adventurous, the untried; they compelled men to set opinion against opinion, ideal plan against ideal plan.” Our post war state of slumber is ending and we must awaken with a renewed vigour, a renewed appetite for chaos, change and political warfare.