Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to train your anti-racist

by Jim Osborne.

Meet poor Bill. Bill came to earth from a far flung planet to study our weird ways, learn about human culture and the way we develop our civilization. Wondering which part of humanity to surreptitiously insert himself into, Bill choose an Anglophone country, as that was the language used in most of the transmissions he had come across. From this observation, Bill had decided to study the culture that was considered the most dominant. They were sure a weird mob. All wealthy, famous for no reason and mentally vacant, or so they were depicted in the popular media. Despite being vapid and shallow, it seemed to make them all the more endearing to each other. Curious indeed…
So using the Instamatic Shape Shifter 5000, he changes his form to that of the early 21st century barista, dons thick black rimmed spectacles, white sneakers, tight slacks and a worn, striped T-shirt sporting a character from a 1980′s arcade game and heads to the local university to seek out a Mummy Professor.
Bill’s mission is to learn to be tolerant of ‘diversity’ and to be actively against racism, as is the style of the time. So many of these transmissions they picked up dwelt on this matter, as to how tolerance and multiculturalism advance humanity, these traits being portrayed as more important than even science itself! It was therefore the logical choice.
Bill wondered how important it could really be after all, and puzzled over how one could go to jail and be victimized for saying something that was “Politically Incorrect” yet nothing would happen if someone said something that was “Scientifically Incorrect”. For a society which owes so much to open inquiry and the scientific method, just as Bill’s does, but values this less than this ‘anti-racism’, and “Political Correctness” Bill figured there had to be something to it. Something that not even his space-faring civilization had discovered. How can being “Politically Correctness” be more important than being “Scientific Correctness” which had cured diseases and improved the condition of life.
Poor Bill. He has no experience of religion or even an experience of what it is. No experience of cults, “Political Correctness”, or never having to believe in certain things, just because… He’s never had to worry about losing his ability to earn a living for not saying the truth of the day which has been based on arbitrary morals. He’s never dealt with Orwellian thought crimes, because he comes from a society which just deals with matter of fact truth. The idea that somehow truth is ‘wrong’, or you should believe something contrary is alien to him. Bill doesn’t know what its like to have laws which tell you what is right or wrong which are independent of empirical truth. He has quite a bit to learn!
But alas, being only vaguely aware of these curious aspects of culture, and thinking that there is an objective, rational system behind it all, he presses on and begins to converse with the guardian of Political Correctness, the priest of the modern day. His tutor in ‘anti-racism’.
And so it begins…
Bill: Even though I don’t hate anyone just because of what they are, I understand that one should be anti-racist, which I think means fighting racism. Can you teach me how to do that? What can I do to be a good person!
Prof: You’re indeed right. Racism is evil, it’s a blight on humanity, a throwback to prehistoric days. Unfortunately we still have such attitudes about in our society and we should rid ourselves of them. That should be everyone’s prerogative.
Bill: OK. So what is anti-racism then?
Prof: That’s fighting racism of course, wherever you see it!
Bill: So if someone attacks someone just because of their race, or makes them a slave? I’ve read that used to happen.
Prof: That’s right.
Bill: I understand. I haven’t seen much of that. There are no slaves here right? My colleague at “The Caffeinator”, David, says he’s boss is a slave driver. Is that the same thing? David makes a very fine double mocha soy latte, but I can’t help but think he’s free to leave anytime he likes. Maybe I should tell him that.
Prof: Well, that’s not quite the same.
Bill: I went looking for racism, and to be honest, I didn’t find much. There seemed to be people of all races on the train, and if they were let into the country, then that’s tolerance, right?
Prof: Ha ha! There’s more to it than that! That doesn’t mean there isn’t racism. Racism is EVERYWHERE! Some people are against that immigration, and that’s racist. You see, some people still hold the view that this country is a ‘white’ country, and that’s a very racist thing to say.
Bill: It was, wasn’t it?
Prof: NO! There were indigenous people beforehand. The white people stole the land. They can’t claim its a ‘white’ country.
Bill: I see. So that means that if white people built a country on the land of some one else, and they don’t let in people of all races, that means that they think those people of other races are inferior?
Prof: Yeah, sort of…
Bill: So those other white countries in Europe which didn’t have someone else living first, they aren’t racist if they don’t let everyone in then?
Prof: No, because they subjugated people from other lands! They plundered Africa and Asia and South America!
Bill: And this means that they think they are inferior if they don’t let them in?
Prof: Yes, sort of. They have to bear the responsibility of their crimes.
Bill: So English people have to bear responsibility for what they did? I met a lot of backpackers from England and none of them had ever subjugated anyone. Does this mean they are OK?
Prof: No, because their nation did it.
Bill: So they inherit their guilt because they happen to be born white? I’m a little confused, because there were people who said that blaming Jews for killing Christ was racist, because you can’t blame a race for the actions of a few individuals, especially if it was ages ago.
Prof: That’s vilification. That’s different.
Bill: Why?
Prof: I don’t think you’re getting it. Nations shouldn’t think they have the right to discriminate. It’s wrong to discriminate based on race.
Bill: Then why did you make a big deal of what they did in the past, when it’s of no relevance today. If it’s wrong to discriminate regardless of your history, then isn’t that the end of that?
Prof: Because it shuts those racists up. You see, when you use these arguments against them, they just try to argue why they are innocent. Here’s a little secret, because I can tell you’re not from around here. There is this thing called “White Guilt”, and its a very powerful psychological weapon to use against people.
Bill: But if you say that someone in this country should have to pay, as it were, for something he didn’t do, just because he happens to be white, but its wrong to make someone else of another race pay, as it were, isn’t that a double standard?
Prof: NO! It’s called being against racism! You’re not racist, are you?
Bill: I’d rather not be.
Prof: Right, so stop making excuses for racists! Discrimination is bad, OK?
Bill: Sorry, I’m just trying to understand it. It seems there are exceptions and loopholes to all this. Double standards, like this ‘white’ guilt thing, but no one else has the same condemnation. It’s not like white people are the only people on this planet who have done bad things, it seems every race has, but there is this special focus on white people, as if only they can be held responsible for what they do.
Prof: The trick to it is this. Anti-racism is about getting white people to accept that their nations must become melting pots. We want white countries to take in lots of immigrants and for them to assimilate. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.
We say they have no right to control immigration because they ‘stole’ the land. But think about it, what relevance does having taken land have to current immigration policy? None! But because of ‘white guilt’, people think they have to go along. It’s the same with the imperial past. Again, it doesn’t really mean much, but it makes people feel guilty. Because if you can scream someone down, they shut up and go along with your nonsense.
Bill: So you fight racism by making people who did nothing wrong feel guilty?
Prof: Well, you see, we make people feel guilty so they accept multiculturalism. We want the West to become multiracial, so we need to do this for this noble outcome.
Bill: Do other people know this? I haven’t heard of this, though it does explain quite a bit.
Prof: People just want to fight racism, and we tell them what they have to do to fight it.
Bill: So making Western nations melting pots is actually the primary goal? Is this why you never ask Japan or China, which are quite homogeneous ethnically to open up their borders? I noticed that no one ever said that an Asian or African country must become multiracial, but only for European ones.
Prof: Of course, if you are asked whether you think Japan should open up its borders, you say “yes”. But we don’t normally care, you’re right. No one really makes a deal of non-white nations being homogeneous, that doesn’t bother us at all.
Bill: So this is ‘politics’ then, from what I understand.
Prof: Yes. Anti-racism is a political movement. We think that there is something wrong when a country is white, so we just make people think they need to do something about this to combat racism. The arguments we use are just words we’ve found which shuts people up. We’ve put a LOT of work into making people curl up into a ball and cry at the thought of being labeled ‘racist’, so even at the mere THREAT of being called that, people go along with what I say. People wouldn’t just accept being ‘anti-white’, but if you dress it up as being about ‘tolerance’, ‘love’ and ‘acceptance of diversity’ people accept it, think that’s the point, but in reality, it’s just anti-white. We use anti-racism as a code word for anti-white. The reality is, that despite our talk of tolerance and acceptance, it’s just talk, we can’t tolerate or accept any opposition at all. Intolerance shall not be tolerated!
Bill: Power politics!
Prof: Exactly!
Bill: But isn’t that genocide really? If you demand that all and only white nations become multiracial, and intermarry and that this is good?
Prof: No one ever says that to me. It can’t be true.
Bill: But if someone pointed it out then…
Prof: Stop. No one is going to argue that, and lets leave it at that… All you need to know is this. If someone who is white is saying something or advocating something which would preserve their race, then you call that racist. You can do this, because in order for a people to protect their identity, they have to have some kind of exclusion and discrimination, and because we’ve made it so ALL discrimination is considered evil, then this means ANYTHING Anglo/Europeans might do to preserve their culture and race would therefore automatically be racist. So we’ve essentially made anything that white people might do to protect their heritage and preserve themselves be considered evil and racist. It’s brilliant, but it won’t work if people realise this. But you must only ever talk of racism and acceptance and multicultural in white nations. You never, ever demand that non-white nations must become multiracial, and you never bring it up, because if you did, it would expose the double standard that has existed all along. They won’t mention it, I promise, so you’ll never have to explain the double standard.
Bill: Do they not mention that this ‘tolerance’ is only targeted at white people it out of politeness? Do they not realise that you only demand multi-racialism for white nations?
Prof: They are so brainwashed, they don’t notice, or they don’t dare argue, because, remember, you can always just say ‘racist’! Brush up on your white guilt, and if you feel that these double standards are being exposed, just use those arguments that make them feel guilty and that will shut them up. Works every time for me.
Bill: What if someone from Africa talks about preserving their culture and race?
Prof: Then you say its good, of course.
Bill: And if a white person then does it?
Prof: That’s ‘fascism’.
Bill: And people don’t pick up on this? Surely they do!
Prof: Whether they do or don’t doesn’t matter. They don’t point it out and that’s all that matters. You can say two plus two equals five, and two plus two WILL equal five if you can get everyone else to believe it. Whether they truly believe it or not doesn’t matter. They don’t SAY otherwise. Again, use the ‘racist’ slur against them if you ever get stuck and they’ll retreat.
Its like whether race exist. If it suits the argument against whites for race to exist, then race is real. If it suits the argument against whites that race doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t exist. There is no shame at all in believing that race both exists and doesn’t exist, as long as no one points it out to you, which they won’t, because you can always just call them ‘racist’.
Bill: So what is a ‘racist’ then?
Prof: Doesn’t matter! They won’t ask what a ‘racist’ is. They just know they don’t want to be called racist. Just as whether race exists or not depending on whether you can use it against whites or not, ‘racist’ can mean whatever you need it to mean to demonize someone who isn’t Politically Correct. If you have to answer, just say its discriminating based on skin colour.
Bill: But why would someone be afraid of being called a term which seems to have no real meaning?
Prof: Because of reputation!
Bill: You see, I would have thought a rational person would look at what someone is saying, and think about what it means, and make their own determination.
Prof: Not always, if the term is taboo enough, one word is all it takes. You can get people to destroy themselves in order to fit a social ideal, and that ultimately, is what we are doing.
Bill: So you’ve convinced people that they need to destroy themselves, and that this is a virtue?
Prof: Yes, spot on. And it IS a virtue, if you believe it it, and everyone else who matters, also believe it is. Some white people even go so far as to boast and applaud about how they might all be mixed in the future.
Bill: Sounds more like a sickness to me.
Prof: It works for me. I make a pretty good living out of this ‘diversity’ nonsense and white guilt, it is after all, my field of expertise. As long as people believe this anti-racism stuff, and keep going along with those beliefs, I’ve got power over them. It’s good business too. Look up Tim Wise. He makes money from this racket.
But in order of white people to preserve their race, they would need to discriminate, and we’ve convinced people that discrimination is bad, when it’s based on race. So you can discriminate on other attributes just fine, like skills, how much money they have, but we can’t let white people think they can act in a way to preserve their race. So the only way which they can do it, we call evil. We preach and call it an evil, and people believe in order to be moral, they have to open up their borders, without limits.
Bill: So you’re like a priest? You make a living based on promoting a system of beliefs, where people believe things, just because, well, they have to believe them? Because you say so?
Prof: Ha ha! Yes, Political Correctness is a religion! Look at the inquisition! You had heretics who were killed and tortured because they didn’t believe what was required of them. You had inquisitors who made a living seeking these heretics out. It was all based on what an authority said you had to believe.
Today, we have instead of heretics who question the religion, racists. Racist means today what heretic meant back then! People back then would soil their pantaloons in fear of being called heretic, even though it was hard to say definitively what a heretic was. We don’t say ‘heretic’ today, we say ‘racist’, but it’s the same thing. A term which makes people quiver with fear, if they think they are heretics to the religion of Political Correctness. Instead of inquisitors, we have people like me, other liberals and ‘anti-racist’ groups. They make their living looking for heretics, people who, as above, believe in things like protecting their culture, which is at odds with what Political Correctness needs them to believe.
And of course, it is all just based on faith. Based on someone high up who has power saying this is how its going to be, and that’s it.
Bill: This is all strange, but I think I’m understanding it. It’s all a game of pretend, like what I did when I was a kid? But what if people stop going along with it? What if they dare to speak up, and they all realise it’s nonsense?
Prof: Then I’m in trouble, but you just need to make sure people don’t feel they can question. Remember, use guilt, use fear. You don’t need to debate rationally, just look at what other anti-racists say and copy that. If you get stuck, say race doesn’t exist anyway, but save that for when you get stuck, because it’s hard to argue as it’s kind of obvious it does exist.
And remember, if all else fails, we can jail people who are really racist, or make them lose their jobs, or threaten to make then social pariahs. As long as they think they are alone, they’ll go along. There are plenty of underhanded means at our disposal.
You just need to remember these rules. Argue that they stole the land, or subjugated others first. If they don’t go into a defensive mode, and they realise that these facts mean nothing today, move to the “Discrimination is bad”. Then forget you brought up those points and just say they can’t discriminate based on race.
If your opponent is good, they will say that they have a right to preserve their race, which kind of means that your “discrimination is bad” argument could be shown to be Genocidal, if it prevents people from preserving their ethnic heritage. That’s kind of a bummer, which is when you then have to try and argue that race doesn’t exist. If you can argue that race doesn’t exist, then you don’t have to explain the moral predicament this anti-racism creates. Race doesn’t exist, no genocide! Of course, do this last, after you’ve been able to use ‘racism’ argument and utilize the face that race exists against them. You’ll have to gloss over the fact that you’ve used racism as an indictment against whites and now are arguing that different races don’t exist, but don’t draw any attention to that.
And lastly, be indignant! Be offended! Take everything personally! Tell them you have an African friend, and you are offended and disgusted! Tell them you find it disgusting. Pretend to be embarrassed and ashamed. Put on a show. It’s great theatrics and people take you more seriously if you are upset.
And remember, anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.