Sunday, June 2, 2013

The modern life: A life out of balance.

by Jim Osborne

In Ancient Greece, a philosopher by the name of Diogenes, a man who lived a simple life of privation and humbleness, would roam the streets searching with a lantern. When asked what he was looking for, he would reply “I am looking for a man”. Instead of finding a man, he found scoundrels and fops, men living a life of decadence. In Corinth, he met Alexander the Great. Alexander, thrilled to meet Diogenes asked if there was any favour he could do for him, to which Diogenes replied “Yes, stand out of my sunlight”. Alexander retorted with “If I were not Alexander, then I should wish to be Diogenes”, to which Diogenes replied “If I were not Diogenes, I should also wish to be Diogenes.” Diogenes never found a man, being the cynic that he was, quite literally. But was there a man to be found? Even back then when Western civilization was exercising a youthful, outward exuberance? Is there a man to be found today? What is it that makes a man? Bravado and testosterone? Money and influence? Can one answer the question, if one doesn’t understand what it is to be human in the first place?
Two thousand and four hundred years later, some are still looking for a man. As I travel down the packed roads towards my place of employment, sandwiched and trapped among a sea of mobile metal coffins with cadavers at the wheel, I struggle to see humans, or a humanity. As the obstacles block them on the road, they dutifully veer around them, seemingly unaware of any inconvenience, uncaring of the failure of the system to provide workable roads. Their reaction is that of a line of ants when one places their finger in the ants path. They just go around, without any consciousness of regard that they may alter their environment as they see fit. In each auto-mobile is a shell of a person, with an expression of defeat, or at least an expression which one could perceive to be that of a defeated person. Each person shuffles off, trapped, to the same job, the same cubicle, to work as a debt slave in the vain hope they might own any piece of Australia. Few do. Few have any ownership over their lot in this country, or their fate, or their city. Looking at them, it’s hard to see them having any connection with their city. As I arrive at work, I see the the people as they appear in cars, but instead of a shell of sea and glass, gasoline and airbags, they have a shell composed of the metal and fabrics of the cubicle wall. They appear nevertheless the same, without ownership of their fate. Agents of a system, rather than agents of their own inner nature.
There are a lot of definitions of what it means to be human but they are almost all, with very, very few exceptions sentimental meaningless pap. Feel good nonsense for the mushy-headed modern weakling. It is not ‘tolerance’, or ‘compassion’ or anything like that. Being human means being a living thing. Being a living thing means being a function of life itself. Life is about an individual will, about shaping your surrounding and shaping existence itself to serve your will. Life isn’t just about existing and functioning. Machines and tools can take care of themselves, run themselves and repair themselves. Life is about one choosing to do this, for their own purposes. Only a living thing has the will and the means to use that will, to own their existence and use their power to fulfil their will. There are few people throughout history who have acknowledged this. Nietzsche spoke of the will to power, the instinct to grow and expand, to exert ones influence over the environment. This was to Nietzsche not just an ideal, but the prime function of life. For man, the goal was the √úbermensch, the man who can overcome the nihilism of a world without God, without supernatural or imposed values from above, who can create his own values from his own will. Ayn Rand spoke of the human spirit, and of people living for themselves, their fate in their own hands. In contrast to the Socialist and Communists of the day, who were not much unlike the Communists of today, she encouraged people to value entrepreneurship, to hold as moral, those who used their skills and their means to further their life. We don’t see such ideals today. Even modern Capitalists, who think of themselves as being in the image of Ayn Rand’s individualist fictional dynamo, John Galt, seem to not care about elevating the minds of people, but rather keeping people as sheep, as a resource to profit from. Modern day Capitalism is degenerate, and now asks of us what Communism asked of us. Subservience to a system, being perpetually indebted and perpetually owned.
Communism, or Socialism don’t offer life at all, only subservience and slavery. Socialism is perhaps one of the most hostile ideologies to the spirit of life. It seeks to destroy any individuality, any self interest which is the basis for life and turn humans into nothing more than tools to make a bureaucratically controlled economic system work. Nothing outside of the system can exist. No religion, no family, no nation or identity. Socialism and Communism fear life and nature, and hence seek to destroy it, define it out of existence. Political Correctness, which is “Marxism for the West” abounds with examples. In Political Correctness, there is no room for humour, for danger, for risk, for anger or ‘inappropriate’ behaviour. The sour Politically Correct stewards seem to want to suppress all of the exuberance of life, all conflict, all human need which conflicts with the one true goal. For them, there is no room for humour which may offend, no room for the giddy thrill of danger, no room for life according to ones inner nature. We are to be kept safe, free from danger, from the risk involved in living, from the compromise of lifespan that comes with using ones body to experience, and especially, free form the conflicts that come with living, and the raw, sometimes brutal, reality of nature. The system asks us not to live, but to exist. The system asks us not to enrich ourselves with the experiences of taking part in the cosmic struggle and living according to our inherited, natural will, but to enrich ourselves with pointless consumerism and imposed fads, for the benefit of others. We are to act as agents, not of our own will, but of the economy. We are to spend to keep another man rich. Consume to keep another man employed. Go into debt to keep the money masters mastery over us. Capitalism now demands from us what Communism demanded, subservience and self regulation. The natural demands of any system which seeks mastery over others, regardless of its intended purpose.
It is perhaps for these reasons which Nationalists are most reviled by the system. Nationalists stand apart from the dogmatism handed down from above. Nationalists have no desire to cage the blonde beast within, for the sake of the harmony and peace that comes from accepting death. We are men, and women, who take heed of the call of life that comes from within us. We seek our right to the shelter and wealth that we have created and boldly stake our claim, in the face of opposing claims. Those who truly have ownership over their life on this planet would fight against a system pricing them out of homes they work long hours to try and afford. Contrast this with those who accept being denied a space on this planet, who have chosen to surrender their natural connection with the earth, and accepting a state of non-life. We seek to preserve our race, our heritage and consider our right, our duty to ourselves and what we are, to protect this from those who seek to claim ownership over our identity, and destroy it through genocide by demographic engineering. Contract this with those who accept the extinction of their race, their likeness from humankind, who have chosen to forsake their natural connection with the future, forfeiting their natural right to self preservation, an act of suicide, an act against life itself. We seek to speak, to offend if need be, and if necessary turn the moral order of our society upside down, to impose our values which exist for our benefit and supplant the current morality, without fear or regret. Contrast this with those who bow to the morality of the day, who do not posses the inner spirit, who consider one man’s morality for their benefit as being above their own, a person who has given up the right to live to their own natural law.
It is this which scares people. The fear of racism, of offence is part a fear of upsetting the economic machine, which required racial tolerance in order to demographically engineer society for the profit of a few, but also a fear of the every-man, a fear of the unknown man and women pressing their will upon humanity, a fear of ferocity that can come when life exerts a will to power. The force that they fear and call racism, is especially despised because it is a natural, primal response, which originates further back in history than Liberal Democracy, and from deeper within ones psyche than indoctrinated behaviour. This, along with natalism, self defence and the right to bear arms, violence against attackers, identification with family and nation are especially feared, because they represent some of the deepest, most instinctual, and therefore the most powerful and energetic human emotions. They are feared because they are beyond the control of the system, outside the scope of the current world view and therefore beyond many peoples understanding or comprehension. As whites are pushed further and further to the wall, the fear the system has, and subsequent control over us will escalate. As the existential threat against us becomes more and more evident and more and more evidently unavoidable, the system and its Liberal priests will fear more and more the primal inner life forces, which deal with life and death, existence and non existence, the securing of a future for ones own children, exertion of ones will and mastery of ones environment with ones full life force. These may in some people come more and more to the fore. This is dangerous indeed, as it will reintroduce to the dulled and disinherited masses a taste for life. It will trigger hitherto dormant memories of protecting ones family, children, tribe and nation and freedom. It may awaken something inside us, which is beyond the control of a weak and fragile system, which has no stomach for this. It may awaken memories of times gone past when civilisation was more in tune with our nature, and when these hidden and suppressed aspects of our personality were recognised, accommodated for and formed part of the cultural narrative. From this, we will see more real men, and more real women.
Nationalism isn’t just patriotism. It is the belief that our living nature defines our position in humankind and our nation more than a system of words or a bureaucracy controlled by another man. It is the acceptance of the supremacy of nature over the intellectual. It is the acceptance of the inner will in each living thing being a higher moral law than the thoughts and opinions of another. It is the acceptance that ones own desire, ones own vision of progress takes precedence over a concocted political, social or economic ideology. It is the belief that the true progression of a nation lies in the free and open collective choices of the nation, with the nation and the nation alone, defining it own success based on their desired quality of life. That progress is not defined by a script for how humanity should run according to a theorist, with success defined in stark economic or technical terms which are more often in working to increase a score, which scores nothing related to life itself.
Such a leap is not easy to make which is why many choose to go to ‘safe organisations’, such as the pseudo-Nationalist “civic patriots”, or inoffensive organisations such as those which signed the Jerusalem declaration, or mainstream parties which openly and unashamedly sell out the people. For as long as people stick to these ineffectual organisations in a vain attempt to placate their gnawing inner sense that their identity is under threat, they will never be challenged, nor have to deal with the emotions and feelings that come from being a human as nature created. They will also never succeed, and will inevitably face extinction, and any being does when it forfeits its struggle for continuation. As long as they believe that can work for themselves with another person defining what their life should be, they will never have to confront the ugly fact that they are forfeiting their natural rights willingly, for nothing. The system shelters them from the true nature of reality, with that reality being that our life isn’t to work through human devised processes with greater and greater efficiency and effectiveness, but sometimes to step out and deal with the harsh reality of natural law.
And it is this which makes you a man or makes you a woman. To stand on the earth and to be aware of the full nature of your existence and all the challenges and struggles that this brings, and to accept it and live according to your own nature, whatever that may be. To stand up and dispense of the false shame of putting your own well being and wishes above the manufactured sensibilities of others, and affirm, without shame or pity, your own will. To be honest with yourself and honour your instincts and your will. To know thyself.